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The real taste of the Aegean

Barbarossa is where traditional ingredients, the textures and the flavors of the Aegean meet the fine dining outlook of chef Dimitris Nikolis.

Creative cuisine, made with history

Barbarossa has a history in Paros. Its kitchen has served celebrities, members of royal families, people who have written history. But the ingredients remain simple. They are the building blocks of Greek island gastronomy. The foods that Paros produces. Barbarossa's kitchen is Paros, on a plate.

Adoration for Aegean food

What makes chef Dimitris Nikolis stand out is impeccable technique. The obsessive way he works on the details of each dish. Dimitris was born in Evvoia, raised next to the sea and remains devoted to transforming chickpeas, capers, the fishes of the Aegean sea into imaginative dishes, inspired by Asian cuisine.


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